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Health Care Advocacy and Advance Care Planning Services ranging from a one -time consultation to numerous bundled packages & payment options to meet one's needs, circumstances & requirements. We love finding the right solution for every situation, and are not deterred by a little challenge!

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Health Care

Is having your own personal advocate& guide at your side looking out for your interests & rights while providing clear & easy to understand information for all your health care issues & concerns

Teach clarity & understanding of your doctors advice, instruction &

your illnesses


with A FREE 

FIVE WISHES allows your family, friends, loved ones, caregivers and your doctors to know exactly what you want, reliving them from the difficult position of guessing your wishes.  

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  Medication  Review

Review all your medications, supplements, OTCs for correct dosage & times & provide a current updated medication record to keep in home. 

Medication Consulting with Pharmists

Teach understanding of each medication as prescribed to you by your doctors, proper times to be taken, possible side effects & when to notify the doctor.  

Social isolation & hopelessness

Reduce hopelessness & social isolation with in home socialization/wellness



care calls.


Social isolation &

Social Needs Can Stand in the Way of Good Health. Reduce loneliness with care calls / texts on a daily weekly or monthly schedule.

Health Insurance/
Entitlements &
Benefits Counseling

Review of Health,  Prescription Drug Insurance, Benefits & Entitlements 

with Application Assistance

Screening for Home Care Needs

Referral & Application Assistance for any needed home care services; homemakers, personal companion care and home care aides

In Home Assessments for Skilled Home Health Care, Hospice

Managing your healthcare doesn't have to be overwhelming

Your personal advocate will provide comfort & reassurance while identifying your health issues and providing any needed information & recommendations to bring peace of mind

Scheduling Health Care Appointments

Arranging & scheduling medical appointments & referrals,  treatments, tests, obtaining any needed equipment,   & setting

up transportation

 Independence &
Aging in Place Assistance

Assistance & recommendations  in maintaining Independence at home

along with a


Home Safety Inspection

Screening for  Physical Therapy

Medicare is now allowing Medicare beneficiaries to receive physical therapy that show a decline from illness, falls or aging to maintain their strength and to prevent further overall decline

This will also allow individuals to maintain their independence & age in place

     Care Management               Care Coordination

Managing your health care issues  from simple problems to complex 

health needs. Coordinating & communicating your care with all your health care providers,

Comprehensive Evaluation     & Needs Assessment with a
      FREE  Updated Personal Health & Medication Record

This assessment covers your current level of health & well-being, your current functional & emotional level, environmental & safety issues, current lifestyle & preferences, level of support & your health goals & wishes

This assessment is extremely valuable & necessary to  identify your needs in order to make proper recommendations

Post Discharge Hospital/Rehab
Follow up
Care & Monitoring

Called Transitional Care

After discharge from hospital/rehab facility provide

supervision & care coordination

with all health care providers & caregiver training & support 

 Attend Rehab/Long Term Care Facilities Care Plan Meetings in Your Behalf    

Attend & represent patients(families behalf) at their care plan/care conference meetings at nursing

long term/rehab facilities

and monitor their care

                                                                                              We Also Offer

 // Identifying Barriers to Healthy Outcomes/Healthy Living// Researching Treatment Options & Clinical Trials // Statewide Donor Registration Assistance//Dementia Scholarship Referral  Assistance // Eligibility Screening & Application Assistance for any Federal or State Benefits  //Entitlements; including but not limited to Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps, Hospice, Pace Programs & Medicaid Managed Health Plans & Community Resources//  All Types of Health Insurances Reviews & Recommendations from a Licensed Insurance Broker along with Application Assistance  & Follow Up                                                        

The Cost of a Patient Advocate

                                                       Service Costs & Packages         


Health Care Advocacy is a newly emerging field, so no overall set of standards & definitions exist, but are being developed. At Pulse Health Care Advocates we pride ourselves in offering compassionate health advocacy & advance care planning services at affordable rates that will accommodate individuals unique set of needs & circumstances.Services range from a single consultation at $40 a session to choices of  bundled discount packages consisting of monthly, quarterly or yearly sessions.

   Fees of professional independent advocates rates range between $75 and $450 an hour across the United States depending on the type of service required and at this time are not reimbursed by insurance companies.


           One Time Consultation/Session at $ 40   

   Discounted Bundled Monthly Service Packages at $100   (3 sessions)

 18 Quarterly Sessions at $260  (9 sessions), Semi-Annual at $400 (18 sessions)


 Annual or Long Term Chronic Care Management at $800  (36 Sessions)

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